Ultra Micro P-51 BNF

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Hints and Tips

P-51D Battery Tips

Our P-51D ultra micro flyer is a high performance aircraft that will fly at its best if you follow these simple battery tips and suggestions:

1. Make certain that you are using only the recommended battery packs (PKZ1035 or EFLB1201S). There are several other batteries that are in this size/class, but many of them simply do not offer the performance as our 120mAh battery packs. This includes the many 110mAh battery packs that are very common. These can be used, but you may see a reduction in performance of the airplane.

2. Make certain that the battery pack is not cold. Environmental conditions can play a large factor in the performance of your battery. If the temperature is cool, your battery very likely will need to be warmed up prior to your flight. Simply keep the batteries (once charged) in a warmer environment, or rub them for a few minutes prior to taking flight.

3. Make sure your batteries are properly charged. Often, people can be very anxious to fly and they simply don't allow the battery to be fully charged. This of course, will reduce the flight times from the norm. Make sure the batteries in your charger are fresh in order to avoid accidentally flying a battery that is not fully charged. For more convience and accuracy, you may want to consider the E-flite Celectra 4 port charger (ELFC1004AC).

4. If you feel the peformance of your airplane is beginning to suffer, it may be time to replace the flight battery. It is normal to see the performance of the battery begin to sag after 40-60 cycles, especially in higher-performing, products. For this reason, it is always suggested to use more than one battery, so that you can alernate cycles and extend their life.

Failure to follow one or more of the above may result in either the airplane having less flight time than you had anticipated, or in some cases cause a 'pulsing' sound from the motor. In almost all cases the battery is the cause (not the motor or ESC). If you experience something similar, please review the above points.