Typhoon 3D RTF Electric

The lineup for ParkZone just keeps getting better. The Typhoon 3D is breaking new ground by packing high-quality components for 3D flight in one package. It's easy 3D fun for the experienced park flyer enthusiast!

Exciting things are happening once again with ParkZone. As you know, we have recently launched the P-51D Mustang, and we are now bringing to you yet another dimension to the family lineup – the Typhoon 3D. This plane is for experienced RC pilots who want all the thrills of an unlimited 3D electric park flyer without the hassles of having to build one. Equipped with oversized control surfaces and a powerful ParkZone BL400-15T brushless motor means it can perform the most aggressive 3D maneuvers imaginable with laser precision and power to spare. Hovers, harriers, torque-rolls, waterfalls—the Typhoon 3D does them all. And because the wings and fuselage are molded from ParkZone’s super-strong, feather-light Z-Foam™ material, it can handle the punishment of these high-energy 3D aerobatics without getting bent out of shape. It’s tougher than EPP foam and can easily be repaired with CA.

Getting the Typhoon 3D flying is about as simple as it gets. Everything you need is in this box. Just attach the wing and tail, charge up the included battery pack, and in as little as 40 minutes, you’re flying. Once in the air, you can choose between “low” or “high” elevator and aileron rates with a flip of the transmitter switch.

Experienced model builders will appreciate the Typhoon 3D’s removable receiver, separate brushless ESC, and servos that can be used in other park flyers (all use industry standard 3-wire interface and connector). That includes delta wing applications thanks to selectable control mixing in the transmitter. Pilots can also adjust the ESC auto-cutoff to work with 3-cell Li-Po battery packs.

This plane is ground breaking because of the combination of features that it boasts – a brushless motor, 3D flight, a 4-channel radio, and ready-to-fly design – not to mention its incredible price of $219.99 at Horizonhobby.com or at your local hobby store.

We believe that the ParkZone Typhoon 3D will be a huge hit with experienced radio-control pilots, whether they are current ParkZone fans who are ready for the next level of performance or 3D RC pilots with a lifetime of experience who are looking for easy 3D park flying fun. No other plane on the market offers this much 3D fun in one box, with everything you need to get flying. Contact our sales department today at 800-338-4639, or go to your local hobby store, for more information about this fantastic plane. Unlimited 3D thrills and Charge-and-Fly convenience—only ParkZone’s Typhoon 3D gives you both.


  • Four proportional channels that allow users to have full control of 3D flight
  • A gear-reduced ParkZone BL400-15T in-runner brushless motor that provides long, efficient run times and gives power to spare at varied speeds
  • Li-Po compatible technology that allows users to upgrade to a 2100mAh 3s Li-Po battery from the included 9-cell 1000mAh Ni-MH battery pack for more power and longer flight times
  • Z-Foam - a revolutionary hybrid foam material that is stronger and lighter than most foams
  • Symmetrical airfoil for advanced aerobatics, such as hovers, harriers, torque rolls, and waterfalls with the standard Ni-MH battery
  • Reusable 72MHz FM radio system that includes industry-standard 3-wire brushless ESC and servos with separate receiver. Availble on six frequencies.
  • Dual elevator and aileron rates thanks to the Mode Change Flight Control system
  • Dual aileron servos
  • Two propellers - one for speed and one for power
  • Steerable tail wheel
  • 8 AA batteries for the transmitter
  • Rechargeable 9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH battery pack
  • 1.8A variable rate DC peak detect charger that charges 5- to 10-cell Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries

Detailed Information

You can easily see the summetrical airfoil in this side-view shot. This wing design, along with other features, allows for advanced aerobatics, such as hovering, harriers, torque rolls, and waterfalls, even with the stock Ni-MH battery. Sleek styling and bold colors make the Typhoon 3D fun to watch in flight.
This rear three-quarter shot shows off the eye-catching and colorful trim scheme of the Typhoon 3D, as well as the Z-Foam fuselage and plug-in wings, which are firsts for ParkZone. The Typhoon 3D comes with everything its experienced pilot needs to fly: two propellers, 1 for speed and 1 for aerobatics; a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack; batteries for the transmitter; a variable rate DC peak charger; and a 4-channel FM transmitter.
Here you can see the AA batteries for the transmitter and the 9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH battery pack (PKZ1027) more clearly. This versatile 1.8A variable rate DC peak charger (PKZ1519) can charge any 5- to 10-cell Ni-MH or Ni-Cd battery pack.
The Typhoon 3D comes with two props that are similar in design, but function differently. The 13.5 x 7 prop is for speed (PKZ1006) and the 12 x 8.75 prop is for aerobatics (PKZ1007). A first for ParkZone, the Typhoon 3D comes with a 4-channel FM transmitter that operates on 72MHz frequencies.
This shot shows the Typhoon 3D making a fast climb toward the sky after take-off at a spacious area full of soccer fields. The Typhoon 3D can hover, even on the Ni-MH battery pack, and do many other 3D and aerobatic maneuvers, with power to spare.
In this shot, you can see the Typhoon 3D completing a rotation in a torque roll, one of the many aerobatic stunts that it can do. Inverted flight is only the first step in aerobatic fun.


Wingspan: 39.5 in (1000mm)
Overall Length: 36.8 in (935mm)
Flying Weight: 26 oz (740g)
Motor Size: ParkZone BL400-15T brushless with gearbox
Radio: 4-Channel FM on 72MHz
Servos: Four 3-wire micro servos
Trim Scheme Colors: White fuse and wing with silver, black, and red decals
Prop Size: 13.5 x 7 and 12 x 8.75
Speed Control: ParkZone brushless 20 Amp ESC with BEC
Recommended Battery: 9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH (stock)
Aileron: Proportional
Elevator: Proportional
Rudder: Proportional
Throttle: Proportional
Approx. Flying Duration: 8-10 minutes on NiMH, 15-18 minutes on 2100 mAh LiPo
Approx. Assembly Time: 15 minutes
Gear Ratio: 8:1
Available Frequencies: Channels 17 (72.130), 19 (72.170), 21 (72.210), 50 (72.790), 52 (72.830), and 54 (72.870)
X-Port: No
Charger: 5- to 10-cell variable rate 1.8 Amp DC peak charger for Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries
Landing Gear: Steerable tail wheel, Wire gear, Foam wheels

Parts & Accessories

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • Transmitter Antenna: All HBZ Birds/ZZR/ZZR2

  • Propeller 13.5 x 7: 3D/2

  • Aerobatic Propeller: 3D/2

  • 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH Battery: P-51D, 3D, FW-190

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • Charger Connector w/Wire: 900 mAh Battery

  • Large Battery Connector: 900mAh

  • ***REORD PKZ1029

  • 2-3 Cell DC Li-Po Balancing Charger




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You Will Need

You won't need anything to get this aerobatic plane flying. Just charge the battery while you assemble your Typhoon 3D, and when it's done charging in 40 minutes, you can take to the air.