Micro Cessna Damaged? Fix It, It’s Fun!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 by Jim Booker

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Micro Cessna Damaged?
Fix It, It’s Fun!

I want to tell you my Micro Cessna from ParkZone is FUN, capital letters FUN. No, it is not a high performance 3D aerobatic machine; it is, however, a very engaging model that flies very well indoors in relatively small rooms. A school gymnasium is perfect. When three or four friends get together with their Cessnas, it is non-stop action—well, in sort of slow motion and on a small scale—but non-stop for sure.

But with all this fun comes a surprise. After 6 or 7 collisions with immovable objects (everything is an immovable object to the micro Cessna), you will see the model has a few notches and tears or maybe even a broken part. So what do you do? Easy—fix it, of course. All parts are available for the airplane, and it will be just like new again.

How badly is it broken? Determine what parts you must replace. Your local hobby shop will have spare parts so pick up the ones that you determine are not repairable.

Minor damage can be repaired with clear plastic tape. It might be better to repair the wing or tail with white glue. When using the foam-safe CA adhesives, use the correct accelerator. Some parts (like the propeller) cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

When replacing the wing or tail, simply peel the old parts off. The wing is attached with double-sided plastic tape so you might have to slip a hobby knife blade between the parts to separate them. Just try to keep the part correctly aligned when you replace it.

Replace the propeller by holding the prop shaft with needle-nose pliers and unscrewing it. The new one simply screws on.

The tail is glued on and a small drop of canopy glue makes a very good adhesive. It does take a few minutes to cure.

The radio, motor and gear box can be replaced by carefully cutting through the decal on the side of the fuselage with a hobby knife.

Reassemble any linkages that you had to remove. Check all of the surfaces to make sure they are installed properly and you are ready to fly again.

Most repairs can be made at the flying site. It only takes a couple of minutes when you have the proper materials and parts. You can see that the materials and adhesives should be in your flight box anyway. Knowing how to repair the Cessna means you won’t have to sit down and watch the other guys after a little mid-air or damage from a hanging light in the room. The whole experience with the Cessna is about fun— repairs are just part of it. When you can land and take off from the bleacher seats or picnic table you will know you are a pilot extraordinaire. But the adventure continues……

Cessna 210 Centurion RTF
Electric Blue/Red

Cessna 210 Centurion RTF
Electric Red/Yellow

Cessna 210 Centurion RTF
Electric Green/Silver


Main Wing: Cessna 210

Tail Wing w/Accessories
210 Centurion

Gear Box w/Motor
Centurion Citabria

Decal Sheet, Blue/Red
210 Centurion
PKZ3003, PKZ3008, PKZ3009