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Ember RTF Parkzone's Etomic Series Ember
  • * 2.4GHz radio technology eliminates interference so you can fly multiple planes at the same time
  • * Ready-to-fly right from the box - everything you need is included inside, even the batteries
  • * Slow-flying innovation and tiny size allow experienced pilots to confidently fly the Ember in a small space, while fully proportional, super lightweight servo motors with feedback potentiometers give you precise control.
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ParkZone's Etomic family of innovative ultra-micro flyers makes micro flight a reality for everyone. Proportional, multi-channel, 2.4GHz radio technology provides precise control for amazing, ready-to-fly indoor fun.

Performance, control and innovation - a one-of-a-kind ultra-micro experience!

Boasting a remarkably compact design and slow-flying capabilities perfect for indoor fun (or outdoors on a calm day), the Ember is the first member of ParkZone's innovative Etomic family of RTF ultra-micro aircraft. Weighing less than an ounce, seasoned pilots will be able to handle this sleek micro-flyer in small spaces with ease and confidence, while those new to micro will be given an RC experience unlike any other. The Ember's exceptional 2.4GHz radio technology, which eliminates interference and allows you to fly multiple planes at the same time, is paired with 3-channel capability to give you precise control. Meanwhile, the plane's light wing loading allows for the kind of slow flight you'll have to see to believe.

The Ember's radio system has already been bound and everything you need to get started is included inside, even the batteries. After installing the "AA" batteries in the charger, simply charge the flight battery (which takes approximately 20 minutes) and you'll soon be enjoying a micro experience highlighted by extended flight times and maximum performance, along with the ability to perform 3-channel aerobatics sure to put a smile on your face. From sharp looks to instant enjoyment, the Ember delivers on everything you've grown to love about ParkZone's products and their unique niche in the world of ultra-lightweight aircraft.

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